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Citrullinated Protein 2D Western Blot: Detect & Quantify




Our Citrullinated Protein 2D Western Blot platform offers high sensitivity detection and accurate quantitation of protein Citrullination in any protein samples. Citrullination or deimination of protein is the conversion of amino acid Arginine to Citrulline in a protein. This increases the hydrophobicity of the protein, which can change the protein folding, thus affect the protein structure and functions. Becuase Citrulline is not one of the 20 standard amino acids, the immune system can attack citrullinated proteins, leading to rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Applied Biomics’ 2D Fluorescent Western Blot has been successfully applied in studying the functions of Citrullinated Proteins.

Representative PTM 2D Western Blots:

1. Phosphorylation 6. Nitrotyrosine
2. Ubiquitination 7. Biotinylation
3. Acetylated-Lysine 8. Succinyl-Lysine
4. Sulfo-Tyrosine 9. Citrullination
5. Methyl-Arginine 10. 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE)

9. Citrullination

Example: Human T-cells

In the following example, proteins from Human T-cells were extracted, followed by Citrullinated Protein 2D Western Blot using Applied Biomics’ protocols.


Human T-Cell Total Protein

PTM 2D Western Blot Lysine Succinylation

Anti-Citrulline Western Blot

PTM 2D Western Blot Lysine Succinylation

Total Protein / Anti-Citrulline Western

PTM 2D Western Blot Lysine Succinylation

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