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Detection of Biotinylated Proteins by 2D Western Blot




Biotinylation is the process of covalently attaching biotin to a protein. Due to the strong affinity between biotin and streptavidin, the biotinylated proteins have been widely used to study protein-protein interactions. Applied Biomics’ 2D Fluorescent Western Blot platform offers high sensitivity detection and accurate quantitation of Biotinylated proteins in any protein samples.

Representative PTM 2D Western Blots:

1. Phosphorylation 6. Nitrotyrosine
2. Ubiquitination 7. Biotinylation
3. Acetylated-Lysine 8. Succinyl-Lysine
4. Sulfo-Tyrosine 9. Citrullination
5. Methyl-Arginine 10. 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE)


7. Biotinylation

Example: Human lung cancer cells

Proteins from Human lung cancer cells were extracted, followed by 2D DIGE Western blot using Applied Biomics’ protocols. Protein biotinalytion was revealed using CF647-labeled strepavidin (Biotium, Fremont, California).


Human lung cancer cell protein

PTM 2D Western Blot Biotinylation


PTM 2D Western Blot Biotinylation

Protein / Biotin

PTM 2D Western Blot Biotinylation

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