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Advantages of DIGE Western Blot Over ELISA and Standard 2D In HCP Detection




  ELISA Standard 2D Gel 2D DIGE

Number of gels for each Ab

  Two One

Detection Method

  Silver Staining CyDye Labeling

HCP Composition and profiling


Detect protein modification


Detect protein degradation


Protein and WB in same gel

No No

In-gel protein and WB comparison

No No


Low Low High

Inaccurate : In-direct reaction of antibodies with the antigen’s associated proteins

No QC or Detection of transferred proteins on Membrane

Protein image is scanned on the membrane

False negative: Coated Ab does not capture all HCP; Surface denaturation of coating Ab can affect detection

Error in matching spots between gel to gel, and gel to the transferred membrane

Protein and Antibody signal on the same gel, thus avoiding any ambiguity

Consistency and Reproducibility

Lower Lower Higher