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Applied Biomics, Inc. Fluorescent 2D Western Blot Offers Superior Data Quality
Than Traditional 2D Western Blot




October 04, 2016 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time


HAYWARD, Calif.-- (BUSINESS WIRE )--Applied Biomics, Inc., a leading Proteomics service provider, offers Fluorescent 2D Western Blot (WB) with significant advantages and superior data quality than the traditional WBs.

The traditional 2D WB requires running two 2D gels with the same sample. One gel will be silver stained and the other gel will be used for WB. The reactive protein spots are determined by comparing the gel to the WB membrane. Such procedure involves gel-to-gel and gel-to-membrane variations. When calculating the antibody coverage, one assumes that all the proteins are completely transferred, which is not always the case. In addition, silver staining is not a quantitative method.

Applied Biomics' Fluorescent 2D WB overcomes these limitations and offers significant advantages:

1) High consistency: Fluorescent 2D Western detects both protein and WB images from the same gel and same membrane, allowing the perfect alignments between protein and WB spots, thus eliminating any gel-to-gel or gel-to-membrane variations as seen in the traditional 2D WBs.

2) Cost-effective: Since only one gel is needed, it saves the cost of running duplicate gels.

3) High accuracy: Fluorescent CyDye labeling allows accurate quantitation of protein and WB spots.

4) High sensitivity: Fluorescent CyDye labeling has a higher sensitivity and wider dynamic range over the silver staining.

Together with our proprietary sample preparation protocols, we have successfully used our fluorescent 2D WB in the following applications:

1) Characterizing antibody coverage of the host cell protein (HCP) antibodies.
2) Detecting HCP contaminants originated from cells that are used to manufacture therapeutic proteins and vaccines.
3) Identify important biomarkers.

We offer competitive price and guarantee a 5-7 day turn-around time. Please refer to the following link for more information about this service:


About Applied Biomics

Applied Biomics is a Proteomics Service company established in 2005. We are centrally located in San Francisco Bay Area.

We cover both major platforms of proteomics: Gel-based 2D DIGE (2-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis) and Liquid-based NanoLCMSMS including iTRAQ®. Our services cover from customized experimental design, sample preparations, protein separations/quantifications to protein identifications and publication-ready data. Our proprietary sample preparation procedures have been optimized for every specific sample types. The 2D DIGE / iTRAQ® are powerful platforms for quantitatively comparing changes in global protein expressions in various research applications.



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