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Serum Protein Depletion




Serum Protein Depletion has been used to enhance the detection of low abundance proteins, because the expression leves of low and high abundant proteins exceeds 10 orders of magnitude and this wide dynamic range prevents the discovery of low abundant disease-specific serum markers. However, researches have discovered that, even with serum immunodepletion, low abundance proteins still remain undetectable using LC-MS/M platform. Here we present the data showing that our improved serum proteomics platform in combination with Serum Protein Depletion, reveals significantly higher detection of low-abundant proteins.

The Challenge of Biomarker Discovery from Plasma/Serum

Transferrin: 76 kDa
Fibrinogen: 65 kDa (a), 51 kDa (g)
a1-antitrypsin: 56 kDa
IgG: 150 kDa
HSA: 67 kDa
IgA: 180 kDa
IgM: 750 kDa
Transferrin: 79 kDa
a2-Macroglobulin: 160 kDa
Haptoglobin: 43 kDa
alpha 1-acid glycoprotein: 23 kDa
APO A-I, APO A-II: 23 kDa


 Immuno-depletion Of Serum Abundant Proteins For 2D DIGE
Protein dynamic range: 10 magnitude of difference in amount  


We offer the following serum abundant protein immuno-depletion services:

1) Human Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion

2) Human Serum: IgY-12 depletion (12 most abundant human plasma proteins: Human Serum Albumin, IgG, Fibrinogen, Transferrin, IgA, IgM, Haptoglobin, a2-Macroglobulin, a1-Acid Glycoprotein, a1-Antitrypsin and HDL (Apo A-I & Apo A-II).

3) Mouse Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion

4) Rat Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion

5) Monkey Serum: Albumin/IgG depletion

* Example: Human plasma with and without IgY-12 Immuno-depletion (pH4-7)

Plasma Without Immuno-Depletion

Plasma without immuno-depletion
Plasma With Immuno-Depletion

 Plasma after immuno-depletion

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