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Nano LC-MS/MS Proteomics Analysis can identify all proteins in a mixture ranging from 1D gel bands, IP samples to whole cell lysate or tissues. For Moderate to high complexity samples, customers may consider the following additional options to improve sensitivity:

1) Protein fractionations: Fractionate proteins by either pI or Molecular weight at your choice. This is very useful for tissues, cell lysates, or culture media.
2) Depletion of serum abundant proteins: Please note that LC-MS/MS detection of serum low abundant proteins is limited even after depletion of serum abundant proteins. We highly recommend Serum 2D DIGE for all serum and plasma samples.

Sample types:

1) Low complexity samples: 1D gel band - Contain only one gel piece with one protein band, no bigger than 1x1x5mm in size, <10 proteins
2) Moderate complexity samples: protein mixture such as column purified sample, <100 proteins
3) Moderate to High complexity samples: Protein mixtures such as IP samples, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes and other subcellular organelles
4) High complexity samples: whole cell lysate, tissue, and others with more than 500 protein mix

Protein Mixture (1D Gel bands or Liquid samples)


Protein Fractionation by pI or Mw (optional)
Reduction/alkylation &
Trypsin Digestion

Database Search for Protein ID

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