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2D Gel: Coomassie Blue vs. Silver Staining vs. Fluorescent Labeling




We offer 2D Gel services with different staining such as coomassie blue, silver staining, blue silver, deep purple, lumintein, and sypro ruby. Fluorescent labeling has significant advantages over the silver and other staining methods.

Example 1: Mouse stem cells

Coomassie Blue

Coomassie Staining of 2D Gels

Deep Purple

2D Gel Deep Purple Staining

Cy3 Labeling

2D gel Cy3 labeling


2D Gel Lumintein Staining

Sypro Ruby

2D Gel Sypro Ruby Staining

Cy5 Labeling

2D gel Cy5 labeling


Example 2: E.coli

Silver staining

2D Gel Silver Staining

Blue Silver staining

2D Gel Blue Silver Staining

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