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2D DIGE Global Protein Expression Profiling Analytical Gel




Services Description
Academic/Governmental Labs
Industrial/Commercial Labs
2D DIGE Analytical Gel (2 CyDye labeling)
2D DIGE Analytical Gel (3 CyDye labeling)

Price covers:
1) Experimental design
2) Standard sample preparation and protein concentration determination (2 samples for 2 CyDye labeling;3 samples for 3 CyDye labeling)
3) Fluorescence dye labeling using CyDye
4) 1st dimension IEF and 2nd dimension SDS-PAGE
5) Gel image scan using Typhoon scanner
6) In-gel analysis: Image analysis
7) Cross-gel analysis: Image analysis
8) Data report

Data will be presented as following
1) ImageQuant analysis: Gel images of individual samples and overlay of two sample images (see an example)
2) DeCyder Analysis: Quantitative analysis and comparison of protein spots between different samples (see an example)

Price does NOT cover:
1) Manual matching spots between different gels
2) Screen shots of 3D view of each spot
3) Preparative gel, spot picking, protein ID: Please note that Analytical gels do not contain sufficient amount of protein for protein identification. If you find some interesting spots you would like to move forward to perform Protein ID, we will need to run a Preparative gel. Please view here for differences between Analytical and Preparative gels. Please click here for the cost of Preparative gel, spot picking and protein ID.